ElectriEASE recently participated in the e-Charge Show 2024, a premier event dedicated to technologies and solutions for electric vehicle (EV) charging. Our involvement at the fair extended beyond merely exhibiting; we were also invited to deliver a speech on the current state of payment methodologies and services applicable to charging stations, particularly in light of the new European AFIR regulation.

A Focus on Digital Payments

During our presentation, we delved into the realm of payments for EV charging. Electric Mobility Service Providers (eMSPs) have played a crucial role in facilitating these payments, forging agreements with various payment gateways to offer a wide range of options to users. This approach has enabled them to provide economically advantageous service packages to EV drivers.

The AFIR Regulation and New Opportunities

The EU Regulation 2023/1804, known as AFIR, has introduced significant changes in the EV charging sector, including the concept of “ad hoc charging.” This allows users to purchase charging services directly from Charge Point Operators (CPOs) without going through an MSP and without needing to register or establish ongoing commercial relationships. As a result, charging stations must be equipped with appropriate payment instruments to comply with this regulation.

Cutting-Edge Payment Solutions

During our speech, we presented our innovative payment solutions, designed to offer CPOs a single point of management for the entire charging infrastructure, including payment systems and fiscal management. Key features include:

– QRCode WhiteLabel: A real-time validation system with dedicated pricing management and a personalized web app for the CPO.

– POS Whitelabel: Integrated for managing multiple charging stations, with a branded interface and the capability to handle up to 100 simultaneous charges.

A Comprehensive Management Portal

Our management portal allows CPOs to:

– Associate connectors to the POS in real time.

– Manage price profiles for various payment methods.

– Monitor the status of the POS.

Additionally, with the integration of the EASEbilling module, CPOs can automatically send invoices or fiscal receipts to customers, further streamlining the process.

A Versatile Payment Suite

Our EASEpayment suite, which includes POS and QRCode solutions, is designed to simplify transaction management and ensure an optimal user experience for EV drivers. Through our personalized web app, users can verify QRCode validity, monitor charging remotely, and enter their fiscal data if needed.

ElectriEASE remains committed to innovating and enhancing the EV charging experience, offering advanced solutions that comply with new European regulations. Our participation in the e-Charge Show 2024 was a valuable opportunity to share our vision and engage with other industry leaders.

For more information about our services and solutions, contact us through the form at the bottom of this page. We are here to guide you into the future of electric mobility.