Motus-e represents a vanguard on the Italian scene, being the first association that brings together industrial operators, the automotive supply chain, the academic world and opinion movements with the common goal of accelerating the transition to electric mobility. Through dialogue and collaboration, Motus-e aims to drive a transformation of the transport sector towards a more sustainable model, based on connected and shared services, targeted training and synergies between different players in the sector.

Electriease, for its part, is committed to making the transition to an electric future more accessible. The whitelable software platform offers innovative solutions for the management of charging infrastructures, focusing on a simple and effective interface that responds to the current and future needs of electric vehicle users and, above all, of industry players CPOs and eMSPs.

With Electriease joining Motus-e as a partner, a new phase of collaboration and commitment to sustainable mobility has begun. This strategic partnership allows Electriease to enter a broader context of dialogue and discussion on the dynamics of electric mobility, expanding its possibilities to actively contribute to the ongoing transformation of the sector.

Marta Lapiana, CEO of Electriease, concludes: “With this entry, Electriease is positioning itself with an active and authentic role towards sustainability, with the aim of making a tactical-operational contribution to the present and future of the electric mobility chain.”