In the rapidly evolving landscape of sustainable mobility, two innovative companies, Sagelio and Electriease, have announced a strategic partnership that promises to contribute to the transformation of the electric vehicle industry. This alliance not only strengthens the leadership position of both companies but also marks a significant step towards a future where electric mobility is accessible, efficient and integrated for all.

Sagelio: Innovation and Leadership in Electric Vehicle Charging

Founded in 2017, Sagelio is a pioneer in the deployment of an advanced charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Italy. With an offer ranging from the sale of multi-brand charging stations to their operational management (Charge Point Operator), Sagelio has established itself as an independent, fast-growing company with a solid reputation in the hospitality, retail and oil & gas sectors. The mission of Sagelio, a benefit company and B Corp, is clear: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the promotion of sustainable mobility, working in synergy with an extensive network of partners to accelerate the energy transition of its customers.

Electriease: At the Heart of the Electric Mobility Revolution

Electriease emerges as a state-of-the-art EV charging platform dedicated to realising the full potential of electric mobility. Aiming to simplify the management of the charging infrastructure and put drivers at the centre of the process, Electriease offers intuitive solutions that ease the transition to electric mobility. Envisioning a future dominated by electric vehicles, Electriease is committed to making the adoption of electric mobility a simple, accessible and win-win experience.

A Strategic Partnership for Accelerating Electric Mobility

The collaboration between Sagelio and Electriease represents a turning point for both companies as they aim to offer increasingly cutting-edge solutions in the field of electric mobility. By joining forces, the two companies combine Sagelio’s experience and technological innovation with Electriease’s advanced management solutions and user-centred approach. This strategic synergy aims to overcome current challenges in the industry by optimising the charging infrastructure and making it more accessible, efficient and integrated into consumers’ daily needs.

Innovation and Sustainability in the Service of the Community

This partnership translates into tangible benefits for end users and the environment. By expanding the charging infrastructure and introducing smart management solutions, Sagelio and Electriease facilitate access to electric mobility, contributing significantly to reducing CO2 emissions and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

A Commitment to an Electric Future

Sagelio and Electriease share a commitment to innovation and sustainability, working together to anticipate the future needs of electric mobility. This partnership not only accelerates the energy transition but also opens up new avenues for the adoption of electric vehicles, demonstrating that a greener future is not only possible but already on the horizon.


With the combination of their strengths, skills and visions, Electriease and Sagelio, ambitious Italian companies each with an established track record of performance and customers, are ready to make their contribution to the transformation of the sector, making electric mobility an everyday reality and accessible to more and more people and businesses, with combined offers of hardware and charging services tailored to each individual’s needs.